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      • Product name: Robotic double-head eye drops filling and capping machine
      • Product ID: 186
      • Added time: 2019-01-13 16:46:51
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      Use and introduction:

      The robotic double-head eye drops filling machine is a patented product developed by our company in recent years. The machine adopts high-precision ceramic pump to perform metering filling, high filling precision, automatic filling, robot type and inner stopper. The upper cover and the screw cover have various functions. The machine is equipped with a unique vacuum suction type for the special robot in China, which ensures that the inner plug and the outer cover can enter the bottle mouth reliably. The imported plastic bearing on the machine table does not need to be refueled to avoid the contamination of the liquid, thus achieving complete automation. Can be separated with a hundred-layer laminar flow hood. This device is fully compliant with the new GMP requirements.


      l Microcomputer settings, accurate loading and easy operation.

      l Filling system ceramic pump filling, no dripping precision.

      l Use the vacuum suction cover to automatically add the inner stopper and the outer cover.

      l Automatic stop function, it can automatically stop if there is no filling or no plug in any track.

      Technical Parameters:

      Applicable specifications 2-20ml

      Production capacity 40-60 80-120 bottles / min

      Filling accuracy ≤±1%

      Power supply 220V/50Hz

      Rotating (rolling) cover rate ≥99%

      Automatic plug rate ≥99%

      Gas source 2 m3/h 0.4-0.8Mpa

      Power 1.0 kw

      Machine net weight 400 kg

      Dimensions 2400*1100*1500mm

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